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The Classic Pack is Mrs. Smith's backpack diaper bag and is perfect for dads. Slightly thinner but taller than our other bags, The Classic Pack has just as much space and as many organizational advantages, but with padded back-pack straps and a sleek shape, it looks and feels like a diaper bag Dad will have no problem carrying. Mrs. Smith’s Classic Pack hold as much (and probably more) essentials than the other bags, but it also will keep it all organized and easy-to-find (and grab!). With dad in mind, Mrs. Smith has thought of every detail and has even included the small handle that is typically found at the top of most backpacks (but not on any other diaper bags!). At the bottom of the pack, two looped elastic straps can hold a sleeping bag, a rolled-up blanket or a pillow, great items to have for dad-and-baby days at the park or beach.

Dads everywhere have been waiting for this bag. Mrs. Smith has custom-designed it for dad’s style and needs without sacrificing any of the advantages of her other bags. With the Classic Pack on his back, dad will finally be able to relax and empty out those cargo-pants pockets.
Available in either extra-durable and flexible black neoprene fabric or antique brown leather both bags.