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Mrs. Smith’s Diaper Bags are the only diaper bags on the market with a patented pull-out drawer, which is a separate, sturdy compartment that comprises the bottom half of the bag and, as the name says, can be pulled out so that mom can easily grab the items that would be stuffed, spilled, and squashed at the bottom of any other diaper bag. So, not only will Mrs. Smith’s Basic hold as much (and probably more) essentials than the other bags, but it also will keep it all organized and easy-to-find (and grab!).

The Basic includes durable plastic accessories and hardware and has a nylon fabric exterior with a mesh water-bottle holder and padded pockets on both ends that are great for holding mom’s cell phone, sunglasses, and a key clip to help keep car keys accessible. The bag even has one long and thin pocket along the back that fits baby wipes or easy-to-access diapers or  to for a magazine or coloring book. The interior of the bag is hidden under an adjustable Velcro flap-cover, which simultaneously keep items secure but also allows for easy access to the interior of the bag. Mrs. Smith’s Basic bag also includes “easy-slide” convertible straps for switching from messenger bag to backpack. 
Beneath the expansion flap (which holds a conveniently and cleverly placed washable changing pad) are a spacious top compartment and four additional pockets. Two insulated cup-holders ensure that drinks will always be available. The two additional pockets, one that is enclosed by a zipper and is great for mom’s wallet and the other that opens accordion style and is perfect for wipes, Kleenex, or a few easy-to-grab diapers, guarantee that even on days when mom leaves with the kids first thing in the morning and returns right before bed time, she will have everything she needs organized and easily accessible.

Mrs. Smith's Basic Bag is available in black.