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totégo™ by The Drawer Bag Company: Our mission is simple: 
                             totégo™ = Engineered organization ‘on the go!’

Combines patented engineered drawer technology with intelligent design. Each bag is engineered for all of your needs. Our designers our keenly aware of the demands of your life and whichever totégo your using--your needs will assuredly be met.

Find what you want exactly when you need it!

Our bags are designed and engineered to understand your needs. Totégo™ bags combine the best system of organization with fashion to meet your activity and lifestyle. No more searching for lost keys or ringing cell phone. Items don’t disappear into the bottomless abyss.

A totégo™ bag keeps you organized while on the go! The Drawer Bag Company totégo™ collection combines patented engineered drawer technology, plenty of pockets, zippers, insulated pouches and nooks and trays to make an intelligent organizational tool with durable fabrics and our versitile convert-A-strap.

Step up to the best in Form and Function - totégo™!

Spirit Totego
spirittotégo™ by The Drawer Bag Company Engineered for every Faith, our spirittotégo™ bag is both designed to hold your Bible as well as multiple song sheets and prayer cards while still having a little ‘cool’ factor built in. We have designed the perfect on-the-go bag to combine your spiritual life with your social life.

Diaper Totego
diapertotégo™ by The Drawer Bag Company Moms, dads, and caregivers on the go need to be organized! From diapers to pacifiers, rattles and bottles, be at the ready and eliminate the “I can’t find it” panic which keeping everyone calm and happy. Our diapertotégo™ is for every family!

Tech Totego
techtotégo™ by The Drawer Bag Company Designed for the on the go “Techno” wizard. Our techtotégo™ bag offers an abundant supply of gadgetry organization inclusive of slots throughout to ‘plug in’ or ‘charge’ all accessible while the bag is still closed. techtotégo™ bags offer a fashion forward design to be both modern and fun.

Omni Totego
Omni means all- and omniotégo is the bag for “all”. Take it to the beach, the farmers market, or simply around town, with omniotégo you’ll be prepared for where the day takes you. Its spacious top interior and oversized zippered pocket for your wallet, keys and cell phone and an easy glide drawer below to store you’re your essentials for the day.

Large Black Bag Feature 1

Drawer features

  • Upscale fabrics
  • Engineered organization
  • Tri-Divide Strap